Being better and feeling better is an important part of our life.

We focus solely on developing products for a better you with world class customer service.


About Us

We develop Medical Home Test Strips and Medical Devices to achieve a “Better You”. Our products help enable hundreds of thousands of people to monitor, manage and treat their health conditions.
life2O has the highest reliability and accuracy device ratings in industry backed by a support staff that is on call 24/7.

With a wonderful 15 years as industry leaders behind us, we are ever more excited for a future helping our customers stay healthy!

Our Values

For more than 15 years, we have been committed to improving your quality of life by developing products that are defined by easy use, fast process, and reliable results.

In this direction, we are taking firm steps towards becoming the leading brand of our sector without compromising our principles of continuous improvement, high quality and unconditional customer satisfaction.

Founder's Message

My name is Bora Akgerman and I am the founder of life2O.
I want to personally thank you for being one of our customers!

After 10 years of top-level management in Silicon Valley, I became fed up with corporate culture.
One day I just decided that I had enough and that I could do better… so my journey began. It has been a few years since and although we are still a small company, our award-winning products are used all over the world and have been featured in magazines and news articles.
How you ask? We are only focused on three things: Developing products for a better YOU, Happy Customers and Fanatical Customer Support. At life2O, a support email to would literally be delivered to every single computer and smartphone in the company.
Because, I want to make sure that you are 100% happy with our product. You can always contact us if you need any further assistance or have any other questions. If you want, you can also leave your comment by going directly to the product review page on Amazon.
I would be personally grateful to get your Honest Review of our product. Good or bad we need to hear back from you. Our business model is not sustainable without your reviews!

Best Wishes & Stay Healthy,

Research & Development

As a brand that has been serving in the medical field for many years, we believe in continuous improvement.

With our R & D studies, which we constantly move forward, we improve our existing products and add new ones to our product range in order to always have the best. We ensure that all the studies of our R&D department, which comprise of specialists in the field, are carried out in interaction with specialist medical doctors.
We develop all Life2O Test Kits with the work of doctors who have checked them with tens of thousands of clinical tests with the American government 510K medical health certification.

Thus, we offer you the most accurate and reliable products in line with the needs of our valued users.

Why Choose Us

Company with the most complete medical device portfolio

CE & doctor-approved 99% high accuracy color pads

4 stars and above score on all products at Amazon

15 years of sectoral experience

Satisfaction guaranteed

Medical grade high precision