Frequently Asking Questions

Our Customer Service representatives are available to help answer any questions regarding our test strips. However, it may be easier to get your answer from our FAQs. We’ve collated our most frequently asked questions for you below. We hope you find them useful.

To find the specific instructions relevant to your product, please check the color chart and box for the accompanying instructions. If you do not have the instructions that came with your product, please go to the product page for that item and click the tabs labeled “Descriptions” and “Color Chart”.

If, after reading the directions you still have questions, please contact customer service via email at or visit our contact us page and fill the contact form.

Yes. Test strips were developed in the medical diagnostic industry in the 1960’s. Since that time, they have replaced liquid reagent tests for urine, water, and blood testing. All test strips use that same technology.

All Life2O Test Kits have been developed by doctors who control it with tens of thousands of clinical tests with American government medical health 510K certification. Also, we’ve CE & doctor-approved 99% high accuracy color pads.

Test strips are at minimum comparable in accuracy to liquid color comparator tests. Because test strips are more convenient, we believe they can sometimes deliver greater accuracy. Therefore, life2O test strips are ideal for your daily checks. However, when you see a negative result, we recommend that you consult an expert to get a clearer response and to provide detailed control.

Life2O is the top-selling brand of test strips on life2O test strips are subject to a strict qualification check. Constant monitoring of the manufacturing process from healthcare professionals ensures that the finest test strips are available for your use.

We suggest testing both ends of the pool a minimum of 2 times a week, and spas before each use. If you are on a diet, we can recommend that you do your Ketone&pH Test Strips every day. You can also perform urinalysis and vaginal ph tests 1-2 times a month even if there are no symptoms.

If the test strips are handled and stored properly, they should give reliable results through the expiration date on the bottle label. It is impossible to determine how reliable the results will be after the expiration date has passed. Store in a dry, cool place, and always keep the container tightly capped to lock out moisture.

You don’t need to be a chemist to test your environment, health conditions or health. To keep things simple, use a testing method that you find fast, easy, and convenient. That way you’ll be more likely to stick to your testing regimen. There are one basic type of testing method used by most consumers: test strips.

Your results may not EXACTLY match the color chart. This is quite normal because pads work in periodically increments. You should choose the CLOSEST color of all pads to match to the chart supplied.

For testing urine and saliva, we suggest life2O pH test strips.

Many people in the health and nutrition field recommend testing urine or saliva twice a day, in the morning and at night. To obtain baseline readings, the first urine / saliva of the day should be tested before eating or drinking. Please contact your healthcare professional for your specific needs.

The ranges of expected results for each test are specified in the product instructions on the product box. If you do not have the instructions that came with your product, please go to the product page for that item and click the tabs labeled “Product Measures” and “Color Chart”.

If you want to measure the hardness of your home aquarium, pool, spa, or drinking water, click here for water hardness test strips.

If you want to test the hardness and quality of your Fresh-Water or Salt-Water Aquarium for aquarium maintenance and the health of your fish, you can click here for aquarium water test strips.

If you want to test the hardness, contents, pH, and heavy metals of your drinking water in Home Kitchen Tap Faucet, Bottled Water and RO Water Filtration, click here for drinking water test strips.

If you want to monitor for unsafe levels of heavy metal and fluoride in your pool, spa and jacuzzi water click here for pool & spa test strips.

Yes. With life2O vagina ph test strips, you can measure your pH level and prevent infections such as Vaginosis (BV), Trichomoniasis (TRICH), Candidiasis, urinary tract infections by detecting a potential problem early. You can click here for the life2O vaginal pH test strips where you can test your vagina health.

Yes. Collect the sample on the test strip and match it to the color chart. You can click here for the life2O pet test strips where you can test your pet’s urine.

The waiting time of each test may differ from each other. To find out how long you should wait, you can review the instructions on the product bottle or the product descriptions on our website.

You can maximize the shelf life of the life2O Test Strips by storing the bottle in a cool dry place, away from heat and moisture, and closing the cap back on the bottle tightly after each use. As long as you do this, life2O Test Strips have a shelf life of up to two years.

You can access all life2O products on and buy them completely safely. All of our products are under the guarantee of in your purchases and reach you in the fastest way.