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Dog and Cat Urine Test Strips

[FULL PANEL RENAL REAGENT STRIPS] Perform a veterinary laboratory-approved canine and feline preventive check-up in the comfort of your home, from the global leader in medical urine analysis.

[10 PARAMETER ANALYZER] Diagnose disease, disorders and chronic illness by analyzing pet urine for trace markers: Leukocytes, Nitrite, Urobilinogen, Protein, pH Balance, Blood, Specific Gravity, Ketone, Bilirubin & Glucose.

[30 SECOND UTI TEST] Best pee-sticks, with 99% high accuracy color pads, that can detect UTI, kidney stone or bladder infection in 30 seconds. Use in conjunction with remedy medicine and treatment.

[CARE FOR YOUR DIABETIC PET] Urine dip-sticks are much easier to use than glucometers that monitor and measure blood sugar levels. Check your pet’s metabolism and use in conjunction with insulin for your K9 or cat.

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Directions: Extremely Easy To Test Your Pet At Home
1. Immerse the strip into your pet’s urine stream for 1-2 seconds.
(or use a pet urine collector to first collect the urine and then immerse the strip into the sample.)
2. Hold the strip horizontally so the color pads do not bleed onto each other
3. Match the color on strip with the color chart on the bottle label.

* You may get overwhelmed when trying to test all 10 parameters at the same time as the reaction time for each parameter is different.
There is an easier way:
Collect the urine in a urine sample cup
Use a plastic pipette to Drop 2-3 drops on the first color pad
Wait until time to read and record the results
Repeat for each parameter

IMPORTANT: Make sure to record the results of your pet and speak to a veterinarian if necessary.



Our Advantages:
99% high accuracy color pads with anti-VC interference
10 parameter full panel
Extremely easy to use, results in seconds
Long shelf life: 2 years unopened, 90 days once bottle is opened
Anti-moisture bottle
Large color chart and product insert
Instant UTI detection
Best pet supply to manage diabetic pets

Paying Attention is Important:
Your pet’s health is important. They will let you know when something is not right. It is your responsibility to pay attention.

Dog UTI Symptoms
• Bloody and/or cloudy urine
• Straining or whimpering during urination
• Accidents in the house
• Needing to be let outside more frequently
• Licking around the urinary opening
• Fever

Cat UTI Symptoms
• Excessive grooming of the genital area
• Frequent trips to the litter box
• Squatting to urinate in front of you
• Urinating in unusual places
• Vomiting or lethargy

Helpful Tips for Collect Urine:

Take your dog out for a walk and use the handle on a urine collector to extend the collector under the urine stream. Empty the urine into a sample cup with a lid.

Replace the regular cat litter with non-absorbent litter. Wait until your cat urinates. Tip the litter box so the urine flows to one end. Use a needless syringe to suck up the urine and empty it into a sample cup with a lid.

Dog and Cat Urine Test Strips
Hold the Pet test strip against the color chart on the product bottle to read the results. If necessary, please record your
pet results & consult with a veterinarian.
If you lost your color chart, you can use the scale below.

Full Panel 10 Parameter Urinalysis Test For Dogs and Cats



Expected Result

Time to Read

Associated Risks


0 – 70 cells/µl

0 – 15 cells/µl


Leukocytes are a screen of Urinary Tract Infections (UTI). The parameter detects the presence of white blood cells in urine which is an indication of an infection in the urinary tract.


Positive or Negative



Some types of bacteria convert nitrates into nitrites. The presence of nitrites in urine may imply that there are bacteria somewhere in the urinary tract. The occurrence of bacteria in the urinary tract may be an indication of a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI).


3.2 – 128 µmol/l

3.2 – 16 µmol/l


The presence of urobilinogen may suggest deterioration of liver functions. Higher results may also indicate liver diseases such as cirrhosis; viral hepatitis; liver damage or RBC destruction (hemolytic anemia).


0 – 20 g/l

0 – 0.15 g/l


Small amounts of protein in urine can be normal but larger amounts may indicate early renal disease or other kidney problems. The test is also used to monitor kidney function in those already diagnosed with kidney disease or those who take certain medications that can affect kidney function. Strenuous exercise before taking this test may affect the protein levels in urine.


5.0 – 8.5


6 – 8


Abnormal pH levels may indicate kidney or urinary tract problems. Acidity in urine may be a sign of kidney stones. Diets rich in animal proteins tend to produce acidic urine while diets mainly composed of vegetables tend to produce alkaline urine. The body’s pH level varies during the day going from more acidic in the morning to more alkaline in the evening.


0 – 200 cells/µl



Blood in the urine may be caused by strenuous exercise; medication; severe Urinary Tract Infection (UTI); kidney stones; kidney infection or kidney disease. False-positive reactions due to menstrual contamination may also be seen.

Specific Gravity

1.00 – 1.03

1.02 – 1.03


Specific gravity compares the density of urine to water. This helps to determine how well the kidneys are diluting urine. Diluted urine (1.00 SG) may diagnose a condition called diabetes insipidus. Concentrated urine (+1.03 SG) may mean that the kidneys aren’t functioning properly.


0 – 16 mmol/l


0 – 0.5 mmol/l


The body burns glucose (sugar) for energy. If the cells don’t get enough glucose the body burns fat instead. This produces ketones which will show up in the urine. As with glucose; any amount of ketones detected in urine may also be a sign of diabetes and/or not enough insulin to break down sugar for energy.


0 – 100 µmol/l



If the liver is damaged bilirubin can leak into the urine. The detection of bilirubin in the urine may be an early indication of liver disease such as hepatitis or a problem with liver function in general.


0 – 110 mmol/l


0 – 0.8 mmol/l


Normally the amount of sugar (glucose) in urine is too low to be detected. Any detection of sugar in the urine may be a sign of very high blood sugar levels which could indicate diabetes or renal glycosuria.

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I am struggling with Iatrogenic Disease, Medical Mistakes, the Third leading cause of death in the US. This product helps me make adjustments in diet and medications to better control the effects of my disease. Thank you so much for this valuable addition to my toolbox.

Jeanie A. Valuable Medical Tool

This is the first test strip product I found that provides a lot of strips for a very low price. Most tests are like 3 for $11. I like to test more than once without worrying about a high price. It works well. I was glad I read that the ph strip is supposed to be orange. I thought it was defective. A truly helpful and useful product a a price point that makes it useful. I usually don't say this but thanks!

Ms Jane Jetson Affordable Help!

Very accurate. I took a urine sample from my wife knowing that she has an urinary tract infection and the strip showed that condition accurately. Also the ph level between me and my wife was different, as I expected, due to I'm following an alkaline diet. My ph reading was higher than hers. Definitely recommend it!

Jorge A. Valencia Accuracy

There was nothing to dislike about this product. I originally bought this for my sister who gets asymptomatic urinary tract infections and is a borderline diabetic. It has been very effective for allowing her to stay on top of infection issues. I have now bought or recommended this product to several other people.

Kenna Morton Easy to use. Colors are accurate

I liked this product very much. The instructions were easy to read and follow, and the strips were accurate as per my lab reading at my doctor the next day. Plus the price was reasonable. I received a follow up email from the company asking if I had questions. This was very impressive.

Janet C. Jones Cost effective and clinically accurate