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have been developed by doctors who control it with tens of thousands of clinical tests with American government medical health 510K certification.

Handheld Non-Contact Digital Infrared IR Thermometer

[MULTI-FUNCTION MEDICAL GRADE] Super intelligent design, 4 colors back-light fever alarm, auto-off after 10 seconds, silent mode and large LCD display to read in the dark so the baby does not wake up, stores previous measurements, temperature hold, and Fahrenheit or Celsius.

[THOUSANDS OF CLINICAL TRIALS] Measurements are accurate to within 0.1 degrees Fahrenheit, hold 1 – 6 inches from forehead or neck, push button to get results in 1 second.

[NON-CONTACT MEANS SAFETY] The same model that hospitals and emergency rooms use, the non-contact IR thermometer is designed for safety and ease of use. Check the temperature without risking the spread of the fever. Remove the probe cover to display earpiece for baby inner ear measurements.

[PORTABLE, HANDHELD DESIGN] Simple point-and-shoot IR digital laser thermometer is very easy to use in the crib, bedroom, or on the go. Use for inner ear, forehead, neck, room, bathwater, milk, and food. Free carrying bag included.

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We developed the life2O Non-Contact Digital Thermometer with Advanced Infrared Technology, thus you can track a fever and respond quickly, while keeping everyone at a safe distance, without any contact. Help protect yourself and your family when a fever starts to rise by knowing faster and with better accuracy.

Our Advantages:
Intelligent design with SMART capability
4 color back-light fever alarm, instant visual fever diagnosis
Auto-off after 60 seconds to save battery life
Silent mode so you do not wake the baby
Large LCD screen so you can measure in the dark without waking anyone
Storage of previous measurements
Temperature hold
Change units of measure between Fahrenheit and Celsius
Accuracy to 0.1 degrees Fahrenheit
Push button temperature read in 1 second
Free carrying case
Remove probe cover to use for inner ear measurements

Power Source Battery Powered
Batteries 2 AAA batteries required.
Resolution 0.1 degrees fahrenheit
Product Dimensions 5.91 x 1.81 x 1.81 inches; 3.35 Ounces

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I am struggling with Iatrogenic Disease, Medical Mistakes, the Third leading cause of death in the US. This product helps me make adjustments in diet and medications to better control the effects of my disease. Thank you so much for this valuable addition to my toolbox.

Jeanie A. Valuable Medical Tool

This is the first test strip product I found that provides a lot of strips for a very low price. Most tests are like 3 for $11. I like to test more than once without worrying about a high price. It works well. I was glad I read that the ph strip is supposed to be orange. I thought it was defective. A truly helpful and useful product a a price point that makes it useful. I usually don't say this but thanks!

Ms Jane Jetson Affordable Help!

Very accurate. I took a urine sample from my wife knowing that she has an urinary tract infection and the strip showed that condition accurately. Also the ph level between me and my wife was different, as I expected, due to I'm following an alkaline diet. My ph reading was higher than hers. Definitely recommend it!

Jorge A. Valencia Accuracy

There was nothing to dislike about this product. I originally bought this for my sister who gets asymptomatic urinary tract infections and is a borderline diabetic. It has been very effective for allowing her to stay on top of infection issues. I have now bought or recommended this product to several other people.

Kenna Morton Easy to use. Colors are accurate

I liked this product very much. The instructions were easy to read and follow, and the strips were accurate as per my lab reading at my doctor the next day. Plus the price was reasonable. I received a follow up email from the company asking if I had questions. This was very impressive.

Janet C. Jones Cost effective and clinically accurate