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Lavender Sachet

[RAW CULINARY GRADE LAVENDER FROM KUYUCAK, TURKEY] Lavender from this region is established to have a more potent and longer-lasting scent than any other strain of lavender. We only use lavender from eco-sustainable farms. This batch was handpicked fresh in September 2019.

[THE ULTIMATE HOME FRAGRANCE] Use our purple lavender craft bags as potpourri around your home. The dried lavender bundles, which have a more fragrant scent than cedar balls, come in a resealable bag.

[PERSONAL WELLNESS] Turkish lavender flower buds release a strong aromatic fragrance with a delightfully unique aroma. It has been used for relaxation, anxiety disorder, depression, mental stability or just to lift your mood.

[PROTECT SEASONAL LINEN AND CLOTHING] Lavender sachets are a safe, natural, and environmentally friendly alternative to other toxic methods such as moth deterrents.

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For the best results and maintain a potent scent, shake, squeeze and crush the petals in the sachet once every 1-2 weeks. Lay in sunlight for a few hours to increase the fragrance. Replace every few months or when the petals fade color or scent.

A Few Usage Ideas:
life2O Lavender Sachets have a calming & graceful herbal scent with fresh flowery notes.
Tie to a hanger in closets, wardrobes or put in drawers to make clothing smell lovely
Take deep breaths through the sachet when you are feeling down or anxious
Use instead of dryer sheets (a sachet is good for a dozen loads)
Place in a pillowcase instead of sleep spray to help with deep sleep
A natural alternative to toxic moth away products
Stow in the car & bathroom as an air freshener
Store in suitcases after a trip to keep them fresh
Put in a gym bag or locker for a pleasant workout
Drop a sachet in the bathtub for a soothing soak
Use wedding toss


The Story of Kuyucak
Turkey’s Mediterranean village of Kuyucak is surrounded by lavender slopes & plains. Since the 1900s the villagers made a living by picking & drying the area’s naturally growing flowers & herbs: roses, hollyhock, daisies & thyme. In 1975 a village merchant distributed lavender seedlings from Provence to 30 families. Over the years more seedlings were cultivated & planted all around the area.

With the high altitude, year-round sunlight & dry climate, Kuyucak lavender evolved with longer stems. It was hard for insects & environmental factors to harm the plant, which doubled its life. The mineral-rich soil & extended life resulted in larger flower buds with
a more potent scent & longer life.

The natural beauty of Kuyucak grew with the lavender fields. Locals flocked to the area, followed by our-of-country visitors. The blossoming purple fields transformed the village into one of the hottest lavender tourism spots in the world.

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I am struggling with Iatrogenic Disease, Medical Mistakes, the Third leading cause of death in the US. This product helps me make adjustments in diet and medications to better control the effects of my disease. Thank you so much for this valuable addition to my toolbox.

Jeanie A. Valuable Medical Tool

This is the first test strip product I found that provides a lot of strips for a very low price. Most tests are like 3 for $11. I like to test more than once without worrying about a high price. It works well. I was glad I read that the ph strip is supposed to be orange. I thought it was defective. A truly helpful and useful product a a price point that makes it useful. I usually don't say this but thanks!

Ms Jane Jetson Affordable Help!

Very accurate. I took a urine sample from my wife knowing that she has an urinary tract infection and the strip showed that condition accurately. Also the ph level between me and my wife was different, as I expected, due to I'm following an alkaline diet. My ph reading was higher than hers. Definitely recommend it!

Jorge A. Valencia Accuracy

There was nothing to dislike about this product. I originally bought this for my sister who gets asymptomatic urinary tract infections and is a borderline diabetic. It has been very effective for allowing her to stay on top of infection issues. I have now bought or recommended this product to several other people.

Kenna Morton Easy to use. Colors are accurate

I liked this product very much. The instructions were easy to read and follow, and the strips were accurate as per my lab reading at my doctor the next day. Plus the price was reasonable. I received a follow up email from the company asking if I had questions. This was very impressive.

Janet C. Jones Cost effective and clinically accurate