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have been developed by doctors who control it with tens of thousands of clinical tests with American government medical health 510K certification.

Vagina pH Test Strips

[MONITOR VAGINAL PH BALANCE] Our litmus paper pH test strips and medical swabs make it easier to monitor vaginal health and help prevent Vaginosis (BV), Trichomoniasis (TRICH), Candidiasis, urinary tract infections, or foul odors.

[FAST, ACCURATE TESTING RESULTS] Simple enough to use at home, these medical-grade pH balance test strips measure alkalinity or acidity ranging from 3.0 to 5.5 and provide you with instant feedback within seconds for trusted support.

[PROMOTE LONG-TERM HEALTH AND SAFETY] Monitoring your internal health with vaginal pH test strips is a smart way to reduce dryness, burning, itching, or even harsh or unpleasant odors so you can feel more confident every day.

[SOFT COTTON SWABS] Our individually-wrapped pH testing strips also come with five cotton swabs to help make testing easier, as well as a complimentary eBook that helps you understand how to best care for and manage your vaginal health.

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Complete Solution from life2O; our test strips are optimized for vaginal pH. Also, individually wrapped pH strips and sterile swabs included.

Directions: Your Vaginal pH Balance is Important
1. Make sure to wash your hands and refrain from douching, vaginal cream, repositories, bathtub soaking and taking any contraband for at least 2 days before testing. Also, don’t have intercourse 1 day before testing.
2. Open the foil and place strip with the color pad facing up next to you. Remove a cotton swab from the package and insert it into the vagina for 5 seconds. Gently tilt the swab side to side to absorb as much secretion as possible.
3. Remove the swab, making sure the tip does not touch any surface. Gently rub all sides of the tip of the swab on the color pad until it is fully wet. Do not damage the color pad by pressing down too much.
4. Wait for 30 seconds and compare the color of the strip with the color chart on the foil. As the color pad will continue to react after the 30 second read period, any results after
two minutes are invalid.

IMPORTANT: Make sure to record your results and see a healthcare professional if necessary.

Our Advantages:
High accuracy strips
CE & Doctor-Approved
Long shelf life: 2 years
Dark, sealed anti-moisture bottle


Why Should You Test:
Control and maintain vaginal health
Early diagnosis of vaginal disorders
Prevention of infections
Greater safety during pregnancy
Monitor effectiveness of treatment

When Should You Test:
When experiencing any of this symptoms: a foul smell, an unusual discharge,
vaginal itching, burning during urination.
Women in menopause should test every month, as they will have elevated pH
at this stage in life.
Pregnant women should test twice a month for early detection of unbalanced pH
before it can turn into an infection and complicate pregnancy.
Women in reproductive years should test once every 1 – 3 months to monitor vaginal health.
In conjunction with any vaginal treatment.
After taking antibiotics.
After unprotected sex with a new sex partner.

Vagina pH Tet Strips
Lighter colors indicate negative to trace amounts of ketosis while darker colors indicate higher levels of ketosis. However, this does not mean that dark levels are a desirable state. A low-to-moderate level is often linked to a better overall diet.
If you lost your color chart, you can use the scale below.


Potential Cause

Associated Risks

Action To Take

pH 3.0 – 3.5


Diet and Hygiene

May cause a reduction in fertility

Repeat the test and monitor the pH, if the pH does not rise to normal levels, see a healthcare professional

pH 3.5 – 4.5


Healthy Vagina

Expected result for healthy women

No action is needed, keep monitoring your vaginal pH on a regular basis

pH 4.5 – 5.5


Experiencing an infection, douching, ovulating, close to menstruation, in menopause, sex in the past 24 hours or effect of antibiotics

Bad bacteria and yeast have a better chance to multiply and thrive which may lead to infections such as Fungus, Bacterial Vaginosis and Trichomoniasis, or you may already have an infection.

Record the results and see a healthcare professional

Time to Read

30 Seconds



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I am struggling with Iatrogenic Disease, Medical Mistakes, the Third leading cause of death in the US. This product helps me make adjustments in diet and medications to better control the effects of my disease. Thank you so much for this valuable addition to my toolbox.

Jeanie A. Valuable Medical Tool

This is the first test strip product I found that provides a lot of strips for a very low price. Most tests are like 3 for $11. I like to test more than once without worrying about a high price. It works well. I was glad I read that the ph strip is supposed to be orange. I thought it was defective. A truly helpful and useful product a a price point that makes it useful. I usually don't say this but thanks!

Ms Jane Jetson Affordable Help!

Very accurate. I took a urine sample from my wife knowing that she has an urinary tract infection and the strip showed that condition accurately. Also the ph level between me and my wife was different, as I expected, due to I'm following an alkaline diet. My ph reading was higher than hers. Definitely recommend it!

Jorge A. Valencia Accuracy

There was nothing to dislike about this product. I originally bought this for my sister who gets asymptomatic urinary tract infections and is a borderline diabetic. It has been very effective for allowing her to stay on top of infection issues. I have now bought or recommended this product to several other people.

Kenna Morton Easy to use. Colors are accurate

I liked this product very much. The instructions were easy to read and follow, and the strips were accurate as per my lab reading at my doctor the next day. Plus the price was reasonable. I received a follow up email from the company asking if I had questions. This was very impressive.

Janet C. Jones Cost effective and clinically accurate