All Life2O Test Kits

have been developed by doctors who control it
with tens of thousands of clinical tests with
American government medical health 510K certification.


Ketone&pH Test Strips

[OTC APPROVED REAGENT STRIPS] life2O Ketone&pH Test Strips utilize second-generation 99% accurate pure color pads. They are doctor-developed with tens of thousands of completely real...
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pH Urine Test Strips

[OTC REAGENT STRIPS] Medical grade urine and saliva pH test strips with 99% accuracy double color pad design. A rapid, reliable and cost-effective way to...
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UTI Test strip

[OTC REAGENT STRIPS] CE & Doctor-Approved Dip-sticks; 99% High Accuracy Color Pads; Cyanide Free, Non-Toxic Paper; Rapid, Reliable & Cost-Effective Way to Monitor Your Bladder...
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